DiscoveryFEST + Playbuild

Several DiscoveryFEST participants took part in an exciting event this afternoon featuring one of DiscoveryFEST's amazing Discovery Partners, Playbuild. Playbuild is a local non-profit who aims to to engage youth through creativity and active learning and to stimulate curiosity, enthusiasm, and an interest in exploring careers across a wide spectrum of design disciplines. Playbuild comes to life as a community playspace designed for fun as well as learning.  Their site at 2828 Thalia houses the Imagination Playground – an architect-designed kit of life-sized building blocks as well as a wide array of other construction toys, games, and books.

In today's activity, students used their own Central City neighborhood as the landscape for imagining this community playspace. Under the direction of Charlotte Jones, Playbuild's Director of Operations and Programming, DiscvoveryFEST students discussed the needs of their community while simultaneously comparing community needs with things they would want to see present in the neighborhood. Afterwards, students continued this activity by redesigning vacant lots with items (such as trees, gardens, paint, and more) that the community needed.

To see more pictures from today's activity, visit the Gallery to view DiscoveryFEST students working and visualizing their designs.