Help Our Kids Experience Imaginative Play at Recess!

At DiscoveryFEST, we aim to make the hours of a child's day rich with play, learning, and discovery. That process of play has an incredible power to unleash a child’s imagination, expressive abilities, help them practice roles and responsibilities, develop critical thinking skills, and provide many other curative factors. At our three recess school partners (KIPP Central City Primary, KIPP Believe Primary, and ReNEW Schaumburg), DiscoveryFEST participants have the opportunity to enjoy this imaginative play experience like never before through DiscoveryFEST's signature imaginative recess experience, The L.A.I.R. The L.A.I.R. (which stands for and aims to give children the opportunity to Let their Adventures and Imagination Roll) utilizes costumes, toys, and a variety of other materials to allow children to turn their school's playground into a magical far away land, a swashbuckling pirate adventure, an intergalactic quest across the stars, a treacherous jungle trek, and whatever else children bring to life!

The L.A.I.R. builds on play’s natural abilities to reflect a child’s communicative skills to create a playful environment that fosters further social-emotional development, problem solving, and self-expression in a safe, structured environment. Through this festival of play, children not only bring their imaginations to life on their playgrounds, but also continue their learning and development simultaneously.

And this is where we need your help! To bring The L.A.I.R. to life, our recess coaches are looking for any no longer needed (but still in decent condition) costumes and costume pieces, clothing, toys, props, and other materials that can allow DiscoveryFEST youth to transform themselves into wizards, princesses, superheroes, pirates, space aliens, and much, much more.

If you have an item that you would like to donate to DiscoveryFEST's L.A.I.R. or have questions about The L.A.I.R., let us know by contacting DiscoveryFEST through our Contact Us section here on our website or by emailing us at