DiscoveryFEST has and continues to develop best-practice curricula that encourage discovery-based learning, social-emotional development, and increased academic interests. In addition to being utilized by DiscoveryFEST program staff, these curricula are also able to be used across a variety of locations and scenarios.

Superhero League

Comic books and superhero stories have delighted readers through their rich stories and excitement that inspire new levels of creativity and wonder regardless of age. In today’s day and age, these stories now reach new audiences through the popularity of such films as The Avengers, Man of Steel, Spider-Man, The Dark Knight, and countless others that have brought superhero stories to the big screen.

The Afterschool Superhero League utilizes disguised learning and enrichment activities that complement the academic processes of the school day alongside comic books and graphic novels that have been supplemented with grade level vocabulary words that are aligned with Grade Level Objectives, Common Core standards, and the Accelerated Reader program

Through the Afterschool Superhero league, we attempt to bring the comic book world’s signature creativity and wonder to an afterschool curriculum. Just like the entertaining tales of Captain America, Spiderman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the X-Men, and many other heroes, this curriculum connects many different areas of wonder for the students in your afterschool program.

Through the various lessons and activities included, students will discover and experience fun and engaging art, science, math, civics, physical activity, reading comprehension, and many more projects that stem from the student’s own imagination and curiosity.


Imagination University

Imagination University is an experience designed for children of all ages to explore and create worlds with the help of their own imaginations. For generations, countless individuals have been enchanted by tales of adventure, fantasy, and wonder. These memorable tales, lands, and characters come to life not only through the pages of books but also through films, toys, games, comics, television, and many other mediums. Using these familiar stories and their various presentations, the Imagination University activities utilize disguised learning and enrichment activities to build off of the natural processes of curiosity and discovery that begin within a child’s imagination.

The Imagination University curriculum allows stories and fairytales to come alive outside of a book or a movie, presenting the opportunity for the child’s own curiosity to guide his learning. Through the exploration of eight locales, enrichment activities inspire discovery and creativity through arts & crafts, science & technology, culture & geography, non-directive play, team building, physical activity, social-emotional skills, reading comprehension, creative writing, and much more.

Through Imagination University, participants receive the opportunity to explore the wonder and excitement of other worlds and faraway lands in the comfort of their classroom, afterschool program, summer camp, or another nearby location. Throughout this imaginative experience, each child creates his own experience of adventure, following his own curiosity and interests along the way. 


DiscoveryFEST Leadership Krewe

DiscoveryFEST's Leadership Krewe curriculum encourages and fosters an environment for youth to become a civically engaged and community minded body of individuals. Through activities that focus on self-knowledge and the common good, students gain a sense of responsibility and pride for themselves and their community.

Members of the Leadership Krewe create and engage in service learning by creating their own community projects in the hopes of fostering further academic gain and the development of lifelong skills. Acting as engaged members of the community, students become a team of problem solving and forward thinking citizens.

Upon completion of the course, Leadership Academy scholars will be equipped with respect for themselves, others, and their community and know that they have the power to be the change. 


Discovery Arcade

Since the debut of pong in 1972, video games have captured the interests of people of all ages. In this exciting curriculum, familiar characters such as Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man, and other video game icons come together to create an innovative learning experience for kids of all ages.

Inspired by the extensive library of arcade and console games and their characters, Discovery Arcade aims to put students in a whole new game. From creating their own games, discovering a video game’s building blocks, or practicing comparison and contrast between various games, Discovery Arcade seeks to be as innovative as the games that serve as its inspiration. This curriculum makes arts & crafts, science & technology, culture & geography, non-directive play, team building, physical activity, social-emotional skills, reading comprehension, creative writing, and much more come to life, not only on the arcade screen but in the classroom as well.

Through video games, players complete intricate puzzles and tasks using (and improving) their hand-eye coordination, motor control, spatial awareness, memory capacity, and knowledge retention, amongst other skills. In addition to structured play sessions featuring video games, Discovery Arcade utilizes a variety of enrichment activities that help students develop these skills as well as highlighting vocabulary, critical thinking, and creative expression skills that supplement a child’s imagination, curiosity, and creativity.



Sports can be a powerful agent in introducing individuals to concepts of teamwork, sportsmanship, perseverance, and other skills in addition to the many health and fitness benefits physical activity provides. But what lies underneath these inherent benefits?

DiscoveryFEST's PlayFEST curriculum aims to connect both the seen and unseen aspects of games and sport together in the same arena.

How does art influence the game of basketball? Where can one find math within football? PlayFEST uses disguised learning, enrichment activities, and, of course, a variety of games and sports to complement the academic processes of the school day and the many powerful processes of play and sport.

Through twelve units crafted around twelve different sports, this curriculum introduces its participants to these physical activities, which are extended and complemented with art, science, math, civics, geography, social and emotional learning, and many other modalities to bring out the all-star in today’s classrooms and youth.


The L.A.I.R.

The process of play allows a child to his or her imagination and expressive abilities, practice roles and responsibilities, develop critical thinking skills, and better many other curative factors. By utilizing costumes, toys, and a variety of other materials, children have the ability in the L.A.I.R. (Let the Adventures and Imaginations Roll!) to take their playground experiences and recess time to a whole new level of excitement.

The L.A.I.R. builds on play’s natural abilities to reflect a child’s communicative skills to create a playful environment that fosters further social-emotional development, problem solving, and self-expression in a safe, structured environment. Through this festival of play, children not only bring their imaginations to life on their playgrounds but also continue their learning and development.


Comic Book Playground

Inspired by DiscoveryFEST's Superhero League curriculum, Comic Book Playground is a signature DiscoveryFEST experience that allows participants to be a part of their favorite comic books and superhero stories. Through the processes of imagination, colorful comic book sets, interactive challengers, and a variety of superhero costumes and props, Comic Book Playground brings a super dynamic to any recess yard or summer camp!