Our Mission:

Fostering Enrichment & Student-Driven Thinking

Make the hours of a child’s day rich with a festival of play, learning, and discovery.

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Our Mission

DiscoveryFEST aims to provide quality afterschool, recess, and summer programs from experienced providers and qualified staff, featuring hands-on activities that build on what students learn in school. Through DiscoveryFEST, skilled master teachers, coaches, and artists train New Orleans youth in culinary arts, dance, music, visual arts, theater, creative writing, sports, nutrition, character education, design, and more. DiscoveryFEST provides a critical, interdisciplinary enrichment experience that nurtures students’ self-esteem, confidence, social skills, creativity, and problem-solving skills that will help them be the next generation of thinkers and doers.


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Our Impact



increase of playful activity

Outside of the school day from DiscoveryFEST participants


"have nothing to do"  

At home during the afterschool hours if not for the afterschool services provided by DiscoveryFEST (DiscoveryFEST participants)


participants state

They have not only tried something new, but "had the opportunity to participate in an activity they didn't know about" without DiscoveryFEST programming

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