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School Leaders Testimonials 

“DiscoveryFEST provides New Orleans youth access to structured games and activities and helps them get excited about sports, physical activity, and learning those games and how they can replicate these at their homes. This provides them opportunities not only to play, but to be kids; which is incredibly important in New Orleans where sports are a huge part of the culture.” — Sarah Beth Greenberg, School Leader at KIPP Believe Primary


“Students in DiscoveryFEST are more creative; they’ve practiced creative thinking and problem solving skills that extend outside of the after school or recess space and into the classroom and other areas of their lives.” — Korbin Johnson, School Leader at KIPP Central City Primary


“Partnering with DiscoveryFEST really helps to balance out the enrichment offerings that we’re able to offer. It adds a panel of arts, sciences, and physical activity that supplement the items that might be missing from our curriculum.” — Elsa Sackett, Coordinator of Enrichment at Lycee Francais de la Nouvelle Orleans


“I’ve seen a lot of kids get pretty upset when things don’t go their way in play or sport. When this happens, it can take away from crucial play time or discourage them all together. DiscoveryFEST students possess more resiliency, can continue playing easier, adapt when things don’t go their way, and continue to have fun.” — Bob Payne, Director of Co-Curricular Learning, New Orleans College Prep