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Staff Testimonials

“I just love DiscoveryFEST! It has not only been a tremendous honor to be witness to the creative endeavors of youth, but it has also enabled me to grow and continue work to make sure youth have creative opportunities and outlets.”  — Anne Marie, Creative Writing Instructor


“DiscoveryFEST opens youth’s minds to experiences they otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to. They don’t need to be good at it or even experience it ever again, but they have been exposed to it and that opens their minds for the future.” — Dominique, Art Instructor


“DiscoveryFEST provides youth with an outlet to use the things they learn in school in a different way; especially in schools where recess and similar programs have been diminished. It’s great that kids have these types of opportunities through DiscoveryFEST and its partners.” — Kendric, Chess Instructor


“There’s a lot of judgement in childhood and I look forward everyday to getting to have a job where I get to have, fun, be silly, play games with kids, and give them safe environment where they can be in a space free of judgement.” — Marie, Discovery Arcade Instructor


“Recess might be the only play time youth get to experience. And by being out there, I get to give them a play time where they get interact with new things and people that brings play to a new level!” — Coach Shondreka, Recess Coach


“To be a part of DiscoveryFEST, I get the opportunity everyday to have a small, but significant influence on a young person’s day. Every day, you have the chance to make a memory that will last long into their future.” — Coach Jeff, Recess Coach


“DiscoveryFEST gives kids an opportunity to just…do! When a child is here, they’re here in a whole new focus, enjoying new things. A lot of the kids I work with haven’t played soccer, basketball, or volleyball before. So, not only are they getting a chance to be active they’re also being introduced to new games at the same time!” — Mensa, PlayFEST Instructor