What We Do

DiscoveryFEST aims to provide quality afterschool, recess, and summer programs from experienced providers and qualified staff, featuring hands-on activities that build on what students learn in school.





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DiscoveryFEST Afterschool programs run throughout the school year with customization options available to fit school and program schedules. Students have the opportunity to choose and experience an enrichment class for each session; each session concludes with a student showcase.  Researchers and educators agree that interest and skill breed greatest when children, themselves, plant these seeds. DiscoveryFEST develops this ability to choose and explore interests as well as providing its young participants the opportunities to collaborate and discuss with their peers, utilize conflict resolution skills, foster a sense of personal and community identity, and more; all furthering the development of their social-emotional identities. Using these tools, we focus on the individual growth and development in order to impact students and help them realize their full potential. Therefore, the class offerings present for students are entirely up to the students!

To get an example of current programming at our school sites, take a look at those here.

DiscoveryFEST staff members will work hand in hand with you and your students to select the size, scale, and type of afterschool programming you are looking for. And if there’s something that you would like that does not exist, no problem! DiscoveryFEST has and continues to develop best-practice curricula that encourages discovery-based learning, social-emotional development, and increases academic interests.

To get an example of some of these original FESTivities, check out the original FESTivities here.


For teachers and administrators, recess can be a frustrating concept as many struggle between needing and wanting to give students a quality recess and the potential chaos and logistical nightmares that can also present themselves. DiscoveryFEST’s recess services attempt to maintain the hopes and visions of a quality recess while taking away the potential chaos and logistical nightmares.

DiscoveryFEST coaches work with teachers and administrators to create a structured, recess environment where kids can enjoy a variety of recess games and activities to recharge their batteries; both physically and emotionally. Additionally, teachers are able to work with DiscoveryFEST coaches to set up a personalized recess to teach students new games, expand on academic concepts, foster relationship building, or just take a break from the rigorous school schedule.

Through a DiscoveryFEST-led recess, students are physically active, developing critical thinking skills, fostering conflict resolution and other communicative skills, learning new games, developing leadership abilities, and of course, having fun. DiscoveryFEST’s recess programming also features a youth leadership program, Krewe of Play, and its original recess curriculum, the L.A.I.R.; an experience designed to take a child’s imaginative play to new heights while encouraging developmental benefits.

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Summer Camp

Many Louisianians are not surprised to find that Louisiana has more festivals than there are days in the year. At DiscoveryFEST, we believe the processes of play, learning, and discovery should also take place year round! DiscoveryFEST Summer Camp programs continue the work of our afterschool and recess programming. Each camp program features exciting enrichment opportunities such as art, cooking, sports, and more alongside a plethora of special events, prizes, and field trips to make the summer a festival of discovery.

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