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Youth Testimonials

“At recess now, we have coaches who ask us what we want to play. I don’t think anyone has really asked me what I wanted to play before and then helped me play it!” — Derek, 4th Grader


“Without DiscoveryFEST, I wouldn’t have the chance to try a bunch of new things. If I just went home after school, I wouldn’t have anything to do there.” — Dariane, 3rd Grader


“I’ve never really had the chance to use paint before and and being creative in that way. But in art class, I got to use paint and found out I really like to use paint to make new things.” — Paige, 1st Grader


“Our recess coaches are awesome! They let us play fun games like football, basketball, soccer. I can ask the coaches to play and not only do they, they help us put new games that we would like to play at recess.”  — Mayyen, 3rd Grader


“Since afterschool started, I’ve learned to cooperate and work with others. If we had gymnastics, I would use that power to help others learn to do flips!” — Kennedy, 3rd Grader


“I like having coaches with us at recess because if someone says or does something that isn’t nice, our coaches do something right away!” — Elena, 4th Grader


"I love being a part of the Krewe of Play and helping the 1st graders with their recess. It has shown me that I want to help more with people that our younger than me!” — Janae, 4th Grader


“What I enjoy about recess is that people actually ask me questions about what I like and what I would like to do. When I told my coach that I liked to jump rope, she taught me some new jump roping games that I didn’t even know about!” — Ken'niron, 1st Grader


“Afterschool is so much fun! I get to be with my friends. I get to make new friends. But, I also got a chance to act! People always tell me I’m a character, so it was fun to act out new characters!” — Brea, 3rd Grader